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Most systems integrators are unwilling to commit to specific pricing. At Signal Mountain we are happy to offer fixed pricing on the commodity portion of our offerings. You can be certain that we will offer the most competitive price to make your network the most efficient and cost-effective available.

Satellite Connectivity

Here's where Signal Mountain differs from the rest of the best. We offer a fixed price of $2,500 per megabit of transponder space. If other providers claim less, then just ask to see the quote from their space-segment providers!

Network Design and Provisioning


Signal Mountain can provide fixed-price provisioning of its networks. These will be out-of-the box solutions that can meet basic needs, However, we pride ourselves on finding the right blend of service, equipment, and network services to ensure EVERY client's needs are met and that the Signal-Mountain solution is the optimum answer for our customers needs.

Operations and Maintenance 


Often the downfall of the most experienced systems integrator, proactive operations and maintenance of the installed network is critical. Signal Mountain provides 24x7 network monitoring and postinstallation care to ensure superior service across the entire network.

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