Signal Mountain Networks provides Wide Area Network communications solutions for governments and commercial customers worldwide. We specialize in easy-to-use, highly portable, integrated systems that allow users to transmit and receive data, voice and video from and to virtually anywhere in the globe.
One featured solution, created by Signal Mountain Networks, is the SCOUT® tactical satellite communication system, a customized 2-3 carrying case turnkey solution that provides the operators with regular internet access, SIPR/NIPR data, VoIP, video, wireless components, global secured satellite capacity, maintenance, training and life cycle support.

From turnkey managed network services for satellite, terrestrial MPLS, and wireless networks to engineering services that include satellite teleport implementation and management, Signal Mountain can help you identify and implement the right communications solutions to meet your needs now and in the years to come.




"Large movie theater corporation and Signal Mountain Networks Sign Managed Network Services Agreement"

"Signal Mountain awarded with multi-site contract to provide design, implementation and management of VoIP phone system for Department of Justice branch"

"Nuclear security agency chooses Signal Mountain to provide secured satellite communications project"

"Signal Mountain awarded contract to provide satellite services in the Middle East in support of multinational recovery efforts”

"Signal Mountain awarded contract to provide Vehicle-mounted and Cased-based Satellite Systems”

"Signal Mountain awarded by U.S. federal agency with contract for the management and satellite capacity for 60+ remotes in CONUS and OCUNUS.”

"Signal Mountain chosen by U.S Army to support training and operations of various components including Army Special Forces”

"Signal Mountain awarded with satellite network management of multinational training operations in PACOM (Pacific) and South Asia”

"Signal Mountain awarded with contracts for turnkey satellite equipment and managed services for various National Guard components”

"Signal Mountain granted contract renewal in support of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)”

"Signal Mountain selected by one of the largest refined petroleum products pipelines in the United States, for emergency response communications services”

"Signal Mountain selected by one of the largest suppliers cements and related mineral components in the United States, for emergency back-up communication services”




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