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Signal Mountain's Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions support customers in government, commercial, and nongovermental organization (NGO) sectors.  Signal Mountain delivers network solutions that meet each customer's particular requirements.  In many cases, more than one network technology may be employed, such as satellite Internet access for remote sites and an MPLS backhaul or virtual private network (VPN) circuit to a corporate office.  Even with multiple network topologies, Signal Mountain manages all components as a single network with the convenience of one point of contact to call for support and professional advice. These networks support a wide range of applicatons including email, Internet access, remotely hosted software, VoIP, and VTC with all the ongoing support needed to keep your communications secure and operating reliably.

Signal Mountain Military and Defense Services

Military operations come with unique challenges and obstacles, but Signal Mountain provides turnkey integrated communications solutions that support the military's needs

  • Portable and fixed solutions

  • Highly secure systems that can be easily transported to accommodate training, operational deployments, and redeployment

  • Satellite bandwidth available in continuous and

    occasional use service plans (Ku, Ka, X, and C band)

  • Baseband systems for data, VoIP, vand ideo

  • Morale, welfare, and recreation networks including Internet and videostreaming services

Signal Mountain Oil and Gas Services
Oil & Gas

However difficult remote operations are it's imperative to have constant connectivity. Signal Mountain provides reliable and robust global solutions.

  • Fixed and mobile solutions 

  • Supports SCADAand monitoring  applications

  • Broadband IP WANs to connect remote drilling and mining installations with corporate HQ and each other

  • Reliable and robut communications that can be easily redeployed

  • Legacy and IP applications supported

  • Narrowband and broadband services

  • Monitoring for unstaffed remotes


Whether for temporary or permanent networks, Signal Mountain provides reliable communications for essential government services ranging from telemedicine to disaster recovery.

  • Multistate capabilities using a single network

  • Portable and reusable solutions

  • Instant and transparent switchover

  • Single provider for all remote sites

  • Bandwidth, subscription, or custom solutions

  • Proactive networking monitoring ensures reliability

Signal Mountain NGO Services

Providing both fixed and portable networks to even the most austere locations, we offer day-to-day networking capabilities as well as morale-boosting IP and data services.

  • Flat rate service plans for large encampments

  • Full audio and video capabilities for simultaneous multiple users

  • Installation, training, and field maintenance

  • WiFi and WiMax

  • Worldwide service

Signal Mountain First-Response Services
First Response

Instant infrastructure is vital to recovery operations.  Our case solution, SCOUT®, provides instant and multiplatform communications for immediate communications.

  • Interoperable satellite and wireless communications equipment and service for command center vehicles

  • Airline-checkable cased systems

  • Full audio and video capabilities for simultaneous multiple users

  • Installation, training, and ongoing field maintenance

  • Custom software for specific customer user interface requirements

  • Worldwide service


Signal Mountain Telemedicine and VA Services

Signal Mountain provides connectivity solutions that increase access to telemedicine services for patients no matter where they are. 

  • Satellite, wireless, and terrestrial communications equipment and services that support data, VoIP, and multichannel video to end user devices

  • End-to-end encryption to ensure patient confidentiality

  • Installation, training, and ongoing field maintenance

  • Provision of telemedicine software and medical peripherals through a preferred vendor partner

  • Custom software development for mobile applications

  • Flat-rate pricing plans on GSA IT Schedule 70


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